Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Life in the 'Wild'

Each year when we visit Michigan I try to get some wild life shots. Three dogs running around often makes this difficult. However I usually manage  to get a deer or two before they are frightened away.

Deer on watch
About to run
This chap stopped to pose.

Squirrel - where did it leave those nuts?
And one of the largest grasshoppers I've ever seen.

The piece of metal to which is clinging is 3 inches deep.

Not much to show for three weeks - perhaps they were put off by the high temperatures at the time in September.


R. Mac Wheeler said...

I'm going to have to post one of my deer shots as a "Nature Moment" on FB now. *smile*

Marc Latham said...

Nice photos Bob, and nice nature.

Kristin said...

Did you see any turkeys? These shots take me back to Michigan.

Bob Scotney said...

No turkeys, Kristin. I think they know they get barked at should they appear out of the woods.

Jo said...

We don't see much wildlife here although we have a park right outside. Mostly we see squirrels, both black and grey.

Love the deer.

Little Nell said...

Eeek is that a man-eating grasshopper?