Sunday, 8 September 2013

World Cup - Sunday Stamps

I have had to photograph two stamps from my daughter's album to take part this week. The stamps I selected show action from teams in 1958 and 1970.

Czechoslovakia - World Cup 1958, Stockholm
Yemen Arab Republic - World (Jules Rimet) Cup 1970. Mexico
I will not be taking part next week as I cannot access se-tenant stamps. My favourite market stall holder is too far away to visit although I could check out what America's Stamp Shop in Berkley, Michigan has to offer. We found them very helpful last week when we were looking for some album page refills.

They have a massive stock of stamps and collections from all over the world. As the reverse of their card shows they have been in business for 35 years.

But for stamps others have chosen this week pop across to Vliridian's Sunday-Stamps-137.


viridian said...

Thank you Bob, for making the extra effort to join us this week. I hope you have a pleasant vacation in Michigan.

Joy said...

I like how the Yemen stamp combines the action shot and a Mexican artifact. Its definitely an extra holiday treat to find a stamp shop.

Lisa B said...

The Yemeni stamp is interesting, and the stamp shop you found sounds a good place to browse the collections. I only see used/old stamps for sale on market stalls (aside from the internet that is). Enjoy your holiday.

VioletSky said...

I like to have a few stamps from countries that no longer exist (in name only, obv) so that Czechoslovakia stamp is neat. But the Yemeni stamp is interesting for the added bit of a Mexican artifact.

I also think it is neat that you and your daughter share this interest :)

Postcardy said...

The Yemen stamp is an interesting combination. At first, I thought it was two different stamps.

Maria Kristina Maano said...

Nice to see a stamp from Yemen, I don't have any in my collection.