Sunday, 12 May 2013

Children, Games and Toys - Sunday Stamps

I found stamps from several countries that met the theme this week.

Dubai -  Children's Day - 1968
And the Year of the Child:
Ecuador - 1979
For toys I found a Teddy Bear

Sweden - 1978
And then one of my daughter's favourite bears all the way from Peru.
Great Britain - Paddington, 10 Jan 2006
"More About Paddington" by Michael Bond with Peggy Fortnum's illustrations was first published in 1959.

These four stamps were what I originally meant to post until I found this presentation pack of mint stamps on my favourite market stall.
Great Britain - 16 May 1989
The stamps depict from left to right;
  • 19p - Toy aeroplane and train
  • 27p - Building bricks
  • 32p - Board games
  • 35p - Toys
The information card is a gem in itself covering the history of toys. The pack also contained a second set of the stamps and a Stamp Card for each one, like this;
Royal Mail Stamp Postcard
To play more children's games and with more toys please go over to and follow the links at Viridian's Sunday-stamps-122.


Lisa B said...

Wonderful choices. I hadn't seen the Swedish teddy bear stamp, that's very nice. I remember the presentation pack of toys set. Paddington I missed getting any of those, I used to buy presentation packs, then found it became too expensive.

Hawwa said...

Wow, I love ALL the stamps you posted. A great selection!
I'm surprised that Dubai issued a stamp with a Goya's pictures for children's day.

Joy said...

I like the primary colours of the stamp set. Good find. Its a pity Royal Mail don't issue only four stamps in a set any more. I've not seen the Goya painting before, love that dog.

ScotSue said...

Thanks, Bob, for introducing me to a new blog prompt in Sunday Stamps I haven't looked at my stamp collection for years, so time to go up in the loft to find it. I had moved on to thematics., so this prompt appeals to me.

Carole Anne Carr said...

These are delightful!!

Andreea Percescu said...

Quite interesting stamps. The Royal set is something I have never seen before. Very colorful :)

Jo said...

I have a the Paddington stamp, it was sent to me by Michael Bond's daughter who is a friend of mine. I love the Dubai stamp, it is quite surprising. The Swedish teddy is cute too.

MB recently had a statue dedicated to himself.

viridian said...

My maternal grandfather used to say, every day is children's day! A great selection from you today. Thank you for participating.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I tried to get the PHQ stamp cards of that Toys and Games set, but failed - so far.

VioletSky said...

That games and toys set is very nice, but I am particularly drawn to Teddy and Paddington!

Caroline Gill said...

I specially like the Paddington stamp, Bob! Thank you for your comment on my Bullfinches!