Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Got the blues - Thematic Photography

Somehow I don't think that you will be depressed when you see these picture selected for Carmi's "Got the blues" theme.

Polar bear with the blues.
Even if that chap was depressed there is no doubting the fun this bear's having.

Polar bear icing
You may say there's no blue in my next shot unless you count the jeans worn by the bike rider.

Road sign - Oxford Michigan
When there are sports competitions between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge in England the participants are awarded a 'Blue."

Oxford. Michigan has its own 'blue".

Oxford, MI, light blue water tower
In England however Oxford Blues are dark blue which would not be as attractive on a water tower.

Meanwhile on the East Coast of England there is this beach view.

Whitby, Yorkshire (looking north)
And if you try hard while you are there you may even get a shot of the replica of Captain Cook's Endeavour

The Endeavour approaching Whitby.
If these views aren't blue enough for you, and even if they are, you should take a trip across to Carmi at thematic photographic 199.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I love that polar bear chilling on his back. Nice photos, Bob.

Anonymous said...

The polar bear shots are hilarious (and very good)... must say, I didn't expect those when I popped over to say hello :)

You've certainly captured a broad spectrum of blue for the theme.

Eliza Wynn said...

Blue is one of my favorite colors. I think I like the coastal photos best; there's just something about the water.

21 Wits said...

Ha! Ha! What a silly polar bear you have indeed! His back rub looks very inviting....although not on anything icy or snowy! Your blues are soft, relaxing and more of a pick me up (Thank you, very much I need one today!)....I can't believe I am stumped on Oxford Michigan (a Michigander than I once was) so now I have to look it up! That road sign is very stylishly cool, and if the city matches it, I'll have to visit there on my next trip to Michigan!

Max Sartin said...

Great set of pictures. Those polar bears gave me a good chuckle, and the blues are amazing.

Gilly said...

Now I think that one of Whitby is the best! And I'd be the first to agree it doesn't always look blue like that! But great shot!

Lisa Shafer said...

When I think of Whitby, I think of Dracula. But then, what else would you expect from an English teacher?
It is a lovely town, though, so wonderful for photos.

Alexia said...

A great set of shots - did you take the polar bear ones, Bob? Lucky!!

I really like the last pic, of The Endeavour - it looks incredibly serene and peaceful.

me said...

When I saw this "Meanwhile on the East Coast of England there is this beach view." I read "New England" and thought "BOB in MY neck of the woods!!!" Alas and alack it is not so. And now I am blue...however I will agree that the polar bears do improve my mood.

Bob Scotney said...

Alexia - Unfortunately I did not take the polar bear shots. They come from a training course I used to lead in Denmark before I retired. I believe they were provided by a delegate from Greenland who attended one of our courses. They formed part of Christmas Greetings he sent us in the form of a slide show.

Anonymous said...

beautiful images!!!