Sunday, 20 March 2011

Mooning Around

Like many people over the last two days I have tried to photograph the perigee moon without much success.

This is the best I could do:


Karen S. said...

Sometimes the smallest faraway things are the hardest things to capture...Carmi at Written Inc. blog does a lot of moon most favorite moon shots are the ones nearing twightlight, still not dark and where the moon glows and the sky is still blue and you can actually make out images around it clearly...that to me is the perfect glowing lovely moon shot ever! I'm not a fan of darkness in any light! This is an excellent try!

Jack Owen said...

a sailing/editor in south florida must've had one or three cocktails too many before he hit the beaches last night; the wobbly moon emerging from the twilit Atlantic horizon looks a couple of dumbells made out of orange jello!