Thursday, 10 March 2011

A Cooperative Adventure - Sepia Saturday

I had to take a bit of a tour to come up with a match this week.

Starting in 1956 I decided I needed a car to help me on my way.

 As I've always wanted a Ferrari what better that this Ferrari 410 Super American which made its debut at the 1956 Turin Motor Show.

If that's not to your taste then how about joining me in a pink Cadillac:

1956 Cadillac Series 5-6019X (60 Special Sedan) at Sinsheim Auto & Technick Museum, Sinsheim/Germany - By Gamsbart (C C ASA 3.0 Unported License)

But how could I resist travelling in my first car, a Morris Minor like this:

By Charles01 - CC ASA 3.0 License

This Morris Minor is from March 1956 the year before it became the Morris Minor 1000. The original car had semaphore-style indicators, but the car in the picture has been modified to include flashing indicators.

If like me you are getting older and fear having to use a Zimmer frame, perhaps you would prefer this American made classic car:

Zimmer American made classic car - by Ammar Shaker

I don't know about you but by this time I'm in need of a drink so we'll stop off in Germany again:

Tempo Hanseat (1949 - 1956) in livery of Alt beer brewery UERIGE, Duesseldorf, Germany 
(By Detectandpressure - CC ASA 3.0 Unported  License)

Then we arrive back in England in a modern(?) car driving away from the Stroud Road Coop, the former Gloucester Cooperative Store:

(By David Stowell - - CC ASA 2.0 Generic License)

However we have to go Australia for our final stop:

Fisherman's Coop on Stanley Street, South Brisbane ca 1930. The Fisherman's Cooperative fish shop next to a butcher's shop and a hotel - ex John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.

I hope they have spare rooms at the hotel to cope with all the sepia-saturday-65 guests.


Postcardy said...

I never heard of a Zimmer frame so I looked it up and found not only the definition but some amusing cartoons:
Zimmer Frame Cartoons

Mattias Kroon said...

Awesome Bob! That reminds me of the Custom Motor Show we have here in my hometown with american cars at an excibition.

nprimopiano said...

I absolutely love the German 3 wheeler!!!!!

Karen S. said...

Ah yes the cars! What a fine group of automobiles you assembled here too! My favorite of them all is the Ferrari, and the winner for most original is the front wheeled (one) work truck from Germany, and for the beautiful background ...what great buildings in the photo! Nice job on the theme Bob!

Crystal Mary said...

I don't think my other comment went through. England.. My father was a Londoner.
My favourite car is the Jag wish you had one. But I love the Zimmer, it looks slightly similar.
The snap of our Brizzie Fishermans co-op is a great one, and the old type truck..Wonderful.

Titanium said...

Fascinating walk through time and the cars that lived long before I did... love that Ferrari. These are timeless beauties, Bob. Thanks for sharing these photos and the accompanying information about the vehicles.

imagespast said...

The Ferrari 410 wins for me - a lovely car :-)

barbara and nancy said...

Absolutely love the pink cadillac. I can just picture Aretha Franklin waving out the window from the front seat.

Christine H. said...

Dear Bob,
Please send me the Morris Minor. you can email me for my address. I'll just leave the garage door open. If for some reason someone has already taken the Morris Minor, a Nash Metropolitan would be nice instead.

Marilyn said...

I am not a car person but the three-wheeler German one appeals to me.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Oh I like the first one. Wouldn't I be in style wheeling around town in that. We have classic car shows in our town every weekend in the warm weather. Just love them.

Pat transplanted to MN said...

Really enjoyed these autos, so did Jerry. I have some car photos but not the time to post this week as we are getting ready to take the motor home and head to Arizona for a few weeks1 I do not normally look forward to the desert but my cabin fever has me happy to be going. So I won't be posting much for a few weeks but will check in to enjoy others'..

tony said...

Now That's One Zimmer I Would Aspire Too!

Melissa, Unboxer of Photos said...

I love these photo tours! The shiny pink Cadillac is beautiful but I think its definitely a car I would be a passenger in not a driver - it's so big! I definitely see myself tooling around town in the Morris Minor - and I'll fight Christine H. for it if I must!

Howard said...

Ooh! a split-screen moggie minor. tasty. When I retire I want to buy one of these and just potter around Scotland in it.

barbara and nancy said...

So now I know what a Zimmer frame is(after looking at the cartoons). But I've never heard of a Zimmer car. I know which I'd choose, though.

Anna said...

Very fun post, I'll take the pink Caddy to go, please!

Tattered and Lost said...

Oh, the Morris Minor! What fun to see. A friend in England had a yellow one that she covered completely with stickers. I think she called it the duck. When I came back to England many years later the Minor was stuck in a shed no longer road worthy. There it sat with all of its stickers fading looking so forlorn. I had remembered some wild rides in that car.

Thanks for the memory flashback.

Alan Burnett said...

A fine selection of cars and some excellent storefronts as well. It is posts like this that make Sepia Saturday so enjoyable.


great set of pictures. for me, my dream car would be a Bugatti... yeah, like... spare no expenses!!!

jakill said...

Your Morris Minor put me in mind of my dad. His one and only car was one of these. He was kind enough to lend it to me to get to work at Newton Abbot (from Torquay) for a few months, when my children were small.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Bob ... wow, you have all kinds of stuff going on here. First I really like the dancing stamp and the sepia camping photos, but these old cars really caught my eye. I do know of a 1958 or 1959 pink Buick that may be for sale that reminds me of your pink Cadillac photo. We don't have any antique cars at our house, but I always love going to the car shows.

Thanks so much for stopping by to say hi on Saturday. I enlarged the photo #8 that you were wondering about with my Dad as a boy (Ralph), and you are right, it is a well behind him. It looks as if the bucket is on a pulley system.

Have a great week, and I'll come and see what you are posting for next week's SS.