Sunday, 5 August 2018

Sunday Stamps II A-Z 'Y' - USA, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia

Two stamps with the emphasis on youth and one just because I only have a few from there.

In date of issue order - 

USA - 11 August 1948
I guess I could have used the next stamp under 'J' - 

Rwanda- 31 May 1966 - Youth and Football
1966 was the year in which England won the world cup.

Saudi Arabia  switches the theme from youth - 

Saudi Arabia - 25 May 1976 - Yuba Mosque
Now I will have to start the search for a 'Z' related stamp to end this second round of A-Z on Sunday-Stamps-y.


Eva A. said...

These vintage stamps have very appealing designs. Your collection includes a wide range of countries!

FinnBadger said...

Excellent Y stamps. I bet nobody else has Yuba Mosque :)

Joy said...

I like the Rwanda stamp, especially striped shorts. I went young as well.

violet s said...

The youth on both the US and Rwandan stamp are quite smartly dressed!

Ana said...

got me thinking whether J is more complicated than Y when it comes to stamps :)
Great choice today!

RedNeckerChiefs said...

Stamps with "Z"? Why not the Zeppelin? Available from many post offices. Here's one on wikipedia:

Pat Tillett said...

I wonder what the odds are that anybody else will use the Yuba Mosque stamp for Y...

Nice picks Bob.