Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sunday Stamps II A-Z 'W' - French West Africa, Wales

I really struggled with this letter so much so that I got quite wild. So it seemed natural to look for something different. Eventually I came up with not one but two - 

Not being able to find stamps from the states of Wisconsin or Wyoming I settled for a President's wife.

Martha Washington
I did not think Senegal would come to my rescue until I realise it used to be one of the colonies making up -

French West Africa
I have got so used to looking at stamps from Great Britain I forgot that we have a 'W' on our doorstep.

Wales - Wilding Definitive

And later from decimal currency - 

Which Welsh dragon do you prefer - Wilding or Machin?

Select your choice with an 'X' - sorry that's next week!

For more 'W' stamps cross over to Sunday-Stamps-II-161.


Joy said...

Wales never even crossed my mind, I'm storing that away in my memory bank! Its Reynolds Stone's Dragon on the Wilding portrait for me, it has more room to breath fire.

FinnBadger said...

What a great selection of Ws. As for the dragons, I like them both. I prefer the details on the Wilding dragon, and I like how the Machine dragon fits nicely into a square.

Heleen said...

In the past week I was curious to know which countries you would choose for today - and you succeeded well!

And you solved a mystery for me: I had a stamp with Queen Elizabeth and that animal - and thanks to your choice of today I learned that it is the Welsh Dragon thus a stamp from Wales!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Well done Bob - quite a few you managed to find ... love the French West Africa one ... but the dragon with space is very fetching ... cheers Hilary

Eva A. said...

I think that the Martha Washington stamp was the very first USPS stamps dedicated to a woman, am I right?

VioletSky said...

I like the elongated Wilding dragon, myself.
I would not have thought of a donkey caravan being in West Africa - looks like you have some 'wanderers'.

viridian said...

I like the Wilding dragon! Nice post today. I had trouble finding stamps.

Bob Scotney said...

@Eva - Yes Martha was the first - check out

Ana said...

wild, wife, wales - pretty wise choices ;-)