Sunday, 17 December 2017

Sunday Stamps II A-Z 'T' Tanganyika, Togo,Turkey

No links to Rhodesia this week, but I have at least started with a territory in East Africa administered by the UK from 1916 to 9 December 1961 when it became the independent state of - 

Tanganyika - Independence Day 9/12/61
Its time as an independent state lasted only until 26 April 1964. It now forms part of the state of Tanzania.

Now it's time to go to the West African coast and a country sandwiched between Ghana and Benin.

Togo - 6/10/47
A German protectorate from 1884, known as Togoland, it was transferred to France after WWI and gained its independence in 1960.

And as it's nearing Christmas I guess that it's time to go a look for a --

Turkey - 1/2/71
A Turkish army officer and revolutionary name Ataturk (1881-1938) became the founder and first president of the Republic of Turkey from 1923 until his death.

I'm sure that there will be enough Christmas Turkey left over Togo for sandwiches until A-Z resumes in the New Year.

For more stamps that suit you to a tee please visit Sunday-Stamps-II -157. 


Eva A. said...

Turkey and sandwiches... very appropriate! :)

FinnBadger said...

A very clever connection to next week's Christmas theme!

violet s said...

That is a huge vat those Togolese men are stirring.

Heleen said...

I must confess that I don't know much about Africa's history and I had never heard of Tanganyika before. Thank you for letting us learn more!

Joy said...

Whatever they are making in that bowl looks interesting, maybe a punch for Christmas:)