Sunday, 3 December 2017

Sunday Stamps II A-Z 'R' - Rhodesia, Russia

It was Cecil Rhodes and his British South African Company which founded the territory of Rhodesia. This was to become Zimbabwe in 1980 and which provides me with a link to last week's post. 

Rhodesia and Nyasaland - 12 June 1959
The Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland, embracing Southern and Northern Rhodesia, was a,political unit created in 1953 which lasted until the end of 1963.

Rhodes's grave is in the Matobo National Park in what is now Zimbabwe.

Football this week has seen the draw for the 2018 World Cup to be held in Russia next year.

I found an airmail letter in the local market some time ago with some Moscow buildings. 

  • The blue and green 100 R stamps issued 26 May 1992 show the Kremlin.
  • The 1993 300 R is the Statue of K. Minin and D. Pozharskyi which stands in Red Square.T
  • The State Library is on the 750 R stamp issued on 21 February 1995 as was -
  • The Pushkin Museum on the 1500 R stamp.
To see a Russian rooster and link to other 'R' stamps please visit Sunday-Stamps-II-155.


FinnBadger said...

Great to see those buildings. What a great find at the market.

Joy said...

A nice selection of buildings, the size of them impressed me when I visited Moscow.

Heleen said...

A nice and interesting collection, and how wonderful that you found these Moscow airmail letter / stamps at a market.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - Rhodesia is a stunning country - just terrible over the last 37 years ... let's hope it gets its wonderful life back. Rhodes' burial ground is spectacular ... I have yet to get to Russia ... cheers Hilary

VioletSky said...

Russia has some nice series of their magnificent buildings.
I have some stamps from 'Rhodesia and Nyasaland' and hadn't gotten around to googling Nyasaland.. Thanks for enlightening me.

Eva A. said...

It's quite rare to see stamps from Rhodesia.

Pat Tillett said...

Every stamp is a little history and/or geography lesson. Thanks for that!