Sunday, 19 November 2017

Sunday Stamps II A-Z; 'P' - Persia & Portugal

In 1935 Persia became Iran, but you could say it always had been. Apparently Persia is Iran in Persian.

During WWII Iran had been cooperating with Hitler's Germany, and the Soviet Union and Britain had occupied the country from 1941-1946. In that capacity they censored all postal matter.

Iran - 6 May 1942

I found the above two stamps on an envelope in the local flea market which shows the censorship marks.

Anglo - Soviet - Persian Censorship
On the same flea market stall  I found this Express Parcels Consignment note from Lisbon to a lady in Frankfurt, Germany. As you will see it is covered in Portuguese stamps.

The date stamps shows that the parcel passed through Frankfurt airport in 1974.

Two of the stamps show a knight on horseback taken from the Seal of King Dinis who was also called the Farmer King and the Post King. He reigned from 1279 - 1325.

Marconi's centenary was commemorated in 1974 by this stamp (two on the note).

The other stamps were
Palacio Da Vila Sintra

University Tower, Coimbra
Jardim Episcopal, Castelo Branco Gardens

I have been unable to identify the scene on this stamp so far.

Having minded my 'Ps' I look forward to 'Q' on Sunday-Stamps-II-153. where you can find more 'P' stamps today.


FinnBadger said...

Wonderful stamps, and so interesting to see the vintage package and envelope.

Joy said...

Great finds at your flea market, especially the Persian one with all its history.

Joy said...

I went and had a look and think the unknown view is Cabo girao, on the southern coast of Madeira.

Ana said...

those flea markets are so full of hidden treasures! wish I could find some stuff like that here as well

VioletSky said...

I also have that knight on horseback - thanks for the explanation!
Persia is such a lovely word, I think. Shame it was changed.

Eva A. said...

Wow, too many things to look at on these pieces of mail!