Sunday, 12 November 2017

Sunday Stamps II: A-Z 'O'

I knew I would be in trouble as I have no stamps for a country beginning with 'O'.

For reasons that will become apparent I chose this instead.

Munzturm Hall - Republic   Österreich
Last week I chose an 'old' stamp deliberately, when I did the same today for Germany I came across another connection to a 'national figure'.

Germania - Deutsches Reich - 1920
The actress Anna Führing was the model used by engraver Paul Edward Waldraff. Germania wearing an octagonal crown, holds a sword and an olive branch.

It was the economic situation in Germany that lead to the issue of this stamp in 1922.

Stamp over printed 1 million marks
It was not long before the country became under the rule of - 

Adolf Hitler
He had been born in Austria and was to set Albert Speer on creating the new capital of Germania for the Reich that was intended to last for 1000 years. The great hall planned to stand near the Reichstag was intended to hold 180,000 people.

The rest we say is history.

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Joy said...

I always like the Austrian engraved views stamps through the years. The German inflation stamp made me think one would be have to quick to get it in the post before another value would have to be added.

Ana said...

well, I think you got yourself out of trouble fairly well with these stamps ;)

FinnBadger said...

Excellent run through a tough period in history via stamps.

Eva A. said...

Wow, one million of marks for a stamp! :D

Pat Tillett said...

There are all interesting. I really enjoy the historical information you provide with the photos. Nice post Bob!

Pat Tillett said...

Good choices Bob! I really appreciate the little historical tidbits you provide with each stamp. Nice post!