Sunday, 10 September 2017

Sunday Stamps II A-Z: 'F'

I have only three countries to choose from this week.  

Fortunately I can maintain an art link to last time with a stamp from Finland.

Finland - 6 August 1971
This commemorated the 600th anniversary of goldsmith's art.

No link to France where I could only use Marianne to identify a President's choice.

France - 1 July 2008
This is the most recent of my Mariannes on a euro stamp -  President Sarkozy's Marianne.

Sunday-stamps-II-143 has chosen to go with fish; visit the links there to find choices made by others.


Eva A. said...

I love to see the different Mariannes.

FinnBadger said...

Like Eva, i find the different Mariannes fascinating.

Jo said...

Explain please, what do you mean by the President's Mariannes?

I love the silver teapot.

Joy said...

I like the European stars whirling around her head.

Bob Scotney said...

Jo - Marianne is a national figure for the French Republic and represents the Goddess of Liberty. Each new president choses and image to appear on stamps issued during his term of office.

Jo said...

Thanks for the explanation. I had never heard of that before. Considering how much time I spent in France - years ago mind you - I am surprised I didn't know that.

violet s said...

I like how the Marianne stamp keeps getting updated.

william charles said...

You have shared the stamp. It's really beautiful. And I like them very much