Sunday, 1 January 2017

Free choice - Sunday Stamps II

While trying to catalogue my stamps I have had some problems, some of these applied to Mexico.

One stamp in particular proved hard to date until I found a Stanley Gibbons catalogue.

Mexico - 1895
The image is not very clear - perhaps this is not surprising considering the age of the stamp. The Statue of Cuauhtémoc dates from eight years earlier in 1887. 

Cuauhtémoc was ruler of Tenochtitlan from 1520 to 1521, making him the last Aztec Emperor of all.

In the late 1990s/early 2000s I used to pass his monument on Avenue Reforma in Mexico City on the way to my hotel. I never knew who it represented.

Monument of Cuauhtémoc
Yet another lesson I've learnt from stamps.

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Happy New Year!


Joy said...

Impressive monument. I like the ornate nature of the stamps from that era and region.

FinnBadger said...

Fantastic stamp, I can see why it is a favorite. Happy new year!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - Happy New Year ... how interesting you've tied the monument and the stamp together ... all of 130 years ago ... and yes I learnt a lot from collecting stamps in my teens ... helped hugely over the years. Cheers Hilary

viridian said...

Thank you for sharing!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Happy new year :)

Heleen said...

At first sight I wouldn't have noticed this stamp. Your explanation and link to (that is, photo of) the statue in present times make it interesting. Especially now that governments of several countries appear not to protect the native people's rights (thinking for example of Standing Rock in neighbouring USA).
Thank you again for having me learn! And thank you for all interesting blog posts in 2016, happy New Year!

VioletSky said...

Such an old stamp!
Neat that you could make a personal connection to this ancient emperor.