Sunday, 10 July 2016

Red - Sunday Stamps II

Last year I was given an old album printed in 1962. It contained a stamp from 1960 commemorating the 50th anniversary of an  aeroplane's first flight.

Romania - 17 June 1960
This was the anniversary of the first flight of the plane built by Romanian engineer Aurel Vlaicu. He built four planes before he was killed in 1913 attempting to be the first to fly across the Carpathian Mountains.

I guess millions of planes have flown over the white cliffs of Dover, although as a young boy in wartime I associated them with bluebirds and did not expect to see them feature on a red postage stamp.

Great Britain - 3 May 1951
That was the year, as a schoolboy, I went to London to see the Festival of Britain on the South Bank of the Thames.

Great Britain - 3 May 1951
I've always been surprised that neither the Dome of Discovery nor the Skylon from the Festival have ever appeared on stamps.

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Heleen said...

Thank you for sharing, not only red stamps but also the memories they bring you in mind, anno 2016!

VioletSky said...

I had to look up The Festival of Britain. I'm also a bit disappointed that the Dome and Skylon never appeared on a stamp (it might have been more exciting than this one). I'm even more disappointed to learn that they were quickly dismantled after the exhibition closed - by a new gov't! It seems so silly to me, and I'm sure most people are like me and don't associate these things to the government of the day.

FinnBadger said...

Great selection today - I love the festival of Britain stamp.

Joy said...

I've never seen the white cliffs stamp and wondered why then I saw its postage rate, must be quite rare.

Ana said...

pretty much the winner for the amount of red on stamps for today :)

viridian said...

Great stamps, and they are really red, aren't they?