Sunday, 24 May 2015

Royalty - Sunday Stamps II

I have a lot to choose from for this 'Royalty' theme. I've shown Queen Victoria stamps before so this time I'll start with George V.

George V - Postal Union Congress 1929
Philympia 1970 keeps up the postage theme and also gives us another look at Victoria.

Great Britain - Philympia 1970
The three stamps reproduce images of;
  • 1840 first engraved issue
  • 1847 first embossed issue
  • 1856 first surface printed issue

If these don't get me Violet's promised bonus for Victoria then please check out Old-Stamps-from-Great-Britain

I am also spoilt for choice from other countries. Here's a look at royalty in Sweden.

The man who was to become Gustav VI in 1950 was alive when our Queen Victoria was on the throne.

Sweden - Gustav VI
In 1973 he was succeeded by his son.

Sweden - Carl XVI
Carl XVI and Queen Sylvia
This brings us full circle as their eldest child is Crown Princess Victoria.

For royalty from elsewhere and I suspect more mention of Victoria check out the links at Sunday-Stamps-ii-23.


FinnBadger said...

Great selection. I wonder how many times the penny black has been featured as a stamp subject?

Eva A. said...

Your choices always amaze me.

Jo said...

Enjoyable stamps again Bob. I have one for you which was from the US and I haven't seen it before. It's on the back of a postcard so I'll have to send the whole card. One day.

violet s said...

It's interesting that for the 1929 Postal Congress stamps the 1d, 1½d are the same design, whereas the ½d and 2½d are completely different.
What's also interesting is that they are all facing left.

For your bonus, feel free to offer up a theme of your choice for a Sunday in July.