Sunday, 11 January 2015

Famous People - Sunday Stamps II

It wasn't until 1964 that someone other than the monarch appeared on stamps of Great Britain. That first person was commemorated on a set issued on his birthday - 23rd April.

Great Britain - Shakespeare Festival, Eve of Agincourt
(Henry V)
But the first person to appear who had been alive in my lifetime was - 

Sir Winston Churchill (8 July 1965)
Also in 1965 the pioneer of antiseptic surgery was honoured on the centenary of his discovery.

Great Britain - Joseph Lister.
It was 1967 before a living person appeared on a GB stamp and then you have to look hard to see him.

Sir Francis Chichester's Round the World Voyage.
Two years later it was the centenary year of one of the first foreign men that I was aware of as a boy, other than Hitler of course.

Gandhi Centenary Year.
Rather than show a Hitler stamp I'll show a German stamp.

West Germany
Our host has chosen a German stamp as well, to see this and follow the other participants please cross over to Violet at Sunday-stamps-ii-4.


Joy said...

Shakespeare was a fine first choice for the stamps.

Eva A. said...

Interesting facts and choice.

In Spain alive people are not allowed on stamps, in general (except from the Royal family). Just once appeared a living person on a stamp: the former president Adolfo Suarez, in a series dedicated to democratic presidents. Unluckily, he passed away soon after the issue.

Lisa B said...

I don't recall seeing the Lister stamp before, but then the high values are always fewer and farther between. An interesting selection.

viridian said...

I'll agree with Joy - good choice!

Karen S. said...

Wow, I wasn't sure you could pull off so many but you did. Great collection Bob.

VioletSky said...

Quite a selection. I hadn't heard of Lister, but I am very thankful for him and his contribution to our lives!!

Jo said...

I'm surprised Ghandi made it onto a stamp, after all, he wasn't too popular. Must send you all the stamps I have collected over the holidays. Hope there will be some you can use.