Thursday, 28 November 2013

This Sporting Life - Sepia Saturday

Until quite recently I've always played one sport or another so this week's prompt struck a chord with me.

I have never grown a moustache and no longer have a singlet like the one he's wearing. However there are still some golfing trophies on the top of my filing cabinet.

Golfing trophies and souvenir golf balls.
The first trophy I won was for the shot put in the U14 age group at Stamford School's sports day in 1950 (I think). I don't remember what it was like or the Fielding Cup for cricket that was to come later when I was in the 1st XI.

I played cricket for many years and was always proud to wear my School Cricket Colour Blazer, long after I left school. Black and white photos don't do it justice at all.

Cricket blazer - Lincoln Lindum Ground, 1950s
Same ground, same blazer accompanied by a girl.

The girl who was to become my wife.
So cricket has a lot to answer for. What you can't see here is that her dress has thin red strips that went with the red in my blazer.

My first job in industry was at Richard Thomas & Baldwins, Redbourn Works in Scunthorpe where I collected the Interdepartmental  Cricket Cup for 1963 on behalf of the Laboratory team.

Who should have combed his hair?
Our children played sport as well and I have managed to find some photos including trophies.

Rachel with her teddy; Andrew with his trophy (1970s)
And later an older Rachel with a tennis trophy of her own.

I played my last games of cricket during the 1980s in Norway. It was there that now aged 50 and too old and slow for hockey that I discovered golf. I never played golf while at St Andrews University at the end of the 1950s - something I'll always regret.

I suppose that brings me back to the trophies in my first picture - the ones I have been allowed to keep. At one time I could have shown off a lot more.

Golfing success in 1989
I guess time has caught up with me so I have only small replicas to admire. However especially for you I have had my photo taken again today.

Bob in that School Cricket Blazer from the 1950s.
I can still wear it as you can see - but it's tight across the shoulders and ...

I can't do the damned thing up!
To see what others have on show this week run across to Sepia-Saturday-205. And you Aussies - no sledging!


Marc Latham said...

Nice collection Bob, good life of sport series.

Gail Perlee said...

You're right - the black & white photo of you in your school jacket didn't do it justice but it sure stands out in color. And kudos to you to be able to wear it still - even if it's a little tight. But what really caught my attention was the Viking ship model in the background of that last picture! I have one done in metal somewhat similar. I found it in a thrift shop at a time when I was beginning a novel about Vikings.

Mike Brubaker said...

Well done for all your trophies and prizes, Bob. And just when I was wondering what colors the B&W didn't do justice to, you give us a surprise. I had guessed blue and yellow.

Jo said...

Happens to most of us Bob. Nice blazer though. We both gave up golf due to declining years although we still bowl. 5 pin.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! I'm impressed. Quite a sporting record. I've played nothing at all since leaving school. You have some great memories.

Jo Featherston said...

Great reminiscences of your sporting past, but I just have one question re that photo of you and your wife to be - what is she doing with her hand? Re the Ashes, we can't boast yet, for all we know that first Test may be our only win.

ScotSue said...

Your sporting life captured beautifully. I did like the blazer and you answered my question in the final photos - what colour were the stripes?

Wendy said...

I'm so glad you included the color photos because I was wondering what that jacket looked like. You're a brave man, Bob Scotney! But don't feel bad -- I can still fit in my earrings.

Deb Gould said...

Gee, Bob -- think of the amount of ivy I could grow at YOUR house! (Of course, this makes no sense until you check out my post this week!). Good for still getting into the jacket...that's impressive!

Jackie van Bergen said...

My husband is a golfing tragic. He has a fine collection of golf balls and just got his first pair of engraved crystal glasses. There'll be no stopping him now!
I've decided I can't beat this so I'm going to start lessons in the new year - and join him!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Bob, I wish I had taken up golf in college, too.

Students could play for something like $3!!

But better late than never...You look great in that jacket, by the way!

irisheyes jennifer said...

Love collection of trophies Bob. I think it's wonderful that you held on to that cricket blazer. It's lovely to see it.


Kristin said...

A very impressive blazer and even more so that you can still get into it, even is it is a bit snug now.

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

What a nice personal story, with great pictures of past and current ...looking much better in color as well as the jacket.

Liz Needle said...

Wonderful memories. Love the trophies and that you have kep that magnificent blazer.

Dee said...

Very nice chronology of the gathering of trophies over the years. I think the best of all was your lovely wife...


Joan said...

The trophies were nice, a cool shots of you in your colorful blazer, and on and on, but what I like most of all was the chance to get to know you a bit more. Thanks

Helen Bauch McHargue said...

The blazer is outstanding. Great trophies. I hope you can keep them all.

Boobook said...

Sledging! Wouldn't dream of it.
I'm amazed you still have the jacket :)