Friday, 8 November 2013

Beached - Sepia Saturday

I nave lost count on how many beaches I have admired, even the empty ones which stretch from the:

Shoreline of Lake Michigan
To the sands of Cornwall.

Empty sands at Crantock, Cornwall
And nearer home in North Yorkshire.

Whitby looking towards Sandsend
However beaches are meant to be played on like this one more that 50 years ago (that's the nearest I'm allowed to date it)

Amy (on the left) and her daughter (future mother-in-law and wife)
Some years later in the 1970s, I get in on the act. Note the flared trousers.

The Scotneys and Andrew, their younger son
A few years earlier it was a case of someone taking charge.

Sandsend again. (Bob, Adrian, Andrew, Rachel laying down the law)
Same beach on a different day, some years later.

Andrew and his children
Apart from empty beaches we can even find an unusually empty sea.

Cornish Surf
This brings me to the UK Pro Surf Tour's Rookie of the Year 2013, grandson Angus Scotney and - .

UK Pro Surf Tour's Beach Bum U16 Boys Champion 2013

If you wish to get more sand between your toes and other unmentionable places then catch a wave and surf over to Sepia-Saturday-202.


Karen S. said...

WooHoo, your beached photos rock in my eyes. Great photos to treasure!...and share!

Kat Mortensen said...

Ooh, look at you all dapper in your hipster pants and belt!
I must say, you do look rather chilly in that next one though. Was the sea cold?

Cornwall is one of my most favourite places overseas. I would love to visit there again.

I love that "Rachel, laying down the law", bit. She and I would probably get on.

Well done, Angus!

R. Mac Wheeler said...

Some sharp beach photos!

Gail Perlee said...

Gorgeous pictures of empty beaches & ocean! At Crantock, Cornwall it appears the tide is out & will come in all the way up the beach when it does? I'm sure your son & grandkidlets in the one picture are beginning to build a sand castle, but it looks, in the photo, to be a giant Hershey's Kiss. Yum - except it would be a bit gritty!

Deb Gould said...

We've got some great beaches here in Maine, Bob....but we don't have anything like Angus on them!

Jo said...

I love empty beaches. Love the pix.

Patrica Ball Morrison said...

Well I especially liked the empty sands of Lake Michigan, reminds me of the summers I spent there as a child...a great selection of beaches and folks.

Boobook said...

Go Angus! Tell him I live near Bells at Jan Juc. He'll know what I mean.
Great to see some photos of the big empty beaches too.

Jo Featherston said...

Nice photos, although from the look of some of the people , the weather at the time was a bit chilly,!

Jackie van Bergen said...

Great beach shots - we have lots like that in Australia.
Congrats to Angus, will we see him in Australia soon?
I live near Manly / Freshwater / Narrabeen where they have the odd surf classic. My massage therapist is also that of Layne Beachley - again, tell Angus, he'll know who I mean.

Sharon said...

Well Done and Congratulations to Angus.

Some wonderful photos there too.

Liz Needle said...

Great family shots, but you look so cold. Come to Australia Bob, where the sun is warm, the sand is white and the water oh so blue.

Kristin said...

Would love to spend my day at any one of those beaches.

Postcardy said...

I didn't know they had beach bums in the UK.

Little Nell said...

You certainly look chilly - I can see your goosepimples! Lovely empty beach shots. Congratulations to Angus.

Wendy said...

I've never seen the Great Lakes, but I've heard they are so big they really look like oceans. I like the photo of the beach with the boulders -- instant seating if you forgot a blanket!

boundforoz said...

What's this business about "allowed to" Allowed to ??? A most interesting sequence of photos.

Mike Brubaker said...

Best British Beach post of the week, Bob. (Lake Michigan can be included as it's easily as cold as the sea at Cornwall)

Penny Tyler said...

Great beach pics Bob. Plus the one and only pic of a 'young' Adrian I have seen!:-)Well done Angus again.