Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sunday Stamps at Easter

I had to look hard to find an Easter connection for this week's theme. I decided to stay in the UK with these stamps depicting cathedrals.

Great Britain - Cathedrals
These are four from a set of six issued on 28 May 1969 depicting British Architecture (Cathedrals). 

They are (clockwise from top left):
  • Durham Cathedral
  • York Minster
  • Canterbury Cathedral
  • St Giles, Edinburgh
We live halfway between Durham and York.

The other two in the set are:
  • St Paul's Cathedral (9d)
  • Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral (10d)
If I was going to show flowers then it just had to be some daffodils.

Great Britain - Daffodils
 These are from a set of Spring Wild Flowers issued on 21 March 1979. There is no sign of flowers on our daffodils today.

Why did I choose to show these and not the rest of the set? Well, the Norwegian word for daffodil is  
pÄskelilje, or Easter Lily.

For more Easter connections then cross over to Sunday-Stamps-116.


Rosalind Adam said...

I love the daffodil stamp. No daffs open in our garden yet either but can you blame them? Happy Easter.

Peter said...

We had snow this morning Bob. Happy Easter!

Lisa B said...

Nice choices for today. Our daffodils are nowhere near out either.

Joy said...

Yes I wish our daffodils were out like that, poor things got covered with snow.

Marcie said...

I love daffodils! They cheer me up!

Little Nell said...

Anything to do with cathedrals gets my vote. Thanks for sharing these.

viridian said...

Thank you for the cathedrals. Our daffodils have buds but not near to opening.

Jo said...

Amazing, all our snow has just about gone and the daffodils are poking up their heads out of the soil by about 3 inches now.


Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

The cathedrals are from a set I do remember, for a change. Of course, I wish they had included Winchester but I suppose it's time I transferred my allegiance to Canterbury.