Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Multiples - Thematic Photography

One of the things I like about the weekly challenge set by Carmi is that it makes you look at your photos in a different way. This week it's "Multiples" and although I could take a shot of the multiple snowflakes falling as I write,  it's easier to raid my archives again.

Birds figure on Carmi's shot used as the prompt; I'm starting with birds as well.

Beechwood Rookery - 2011
The rooks were making quite a din when I walked by earlier today when there was many more birds to see and hear. Not as many though as in my next shots taken on the Isles of Scilly.

Gulls on Tresco - August 2008
If ten is not enough, look what happened when I move to a different vantage point.

Tresco Gulls (and multiple cattle too)
Back in Bristol you might need to take this shot with a pinch of salt.

Barrel Store on Quayside for SS Great Britain
Meanwhile in my local town you can find multiple arches in a half-mile stretch, far more than in this photo.

Yarm - Railway Viaduct
That completes my repertoire for this week. For multiple more multiples check out Thematic-photographic-230.


Carole Anne Carr said...

Yarm (sigh), amazing how a photograph brings back thoughts of my childhood in the North East! :0)

Jo said...

Funny, I'd never heard of Yarm before I read Bob's posts. I was born near Manchester.

Karen S. said...

I've never heard of a lot of places until I started following Bob! I have learned so much, and I do believe that Carmi's themes do allow us a chance to expand our thoughts on any given photo we take. Especially multiples. I don't think we really ever go out in search of them, not so much, but often we sure do catch them! Great post Bob!

Carole Anne Carr said...

Hi Bob, I've been tagged and you were next on my random list of seven! Just ignore on my blog if this does not appeal! Regards, Carole.

Michèle Dextras said...

I love the tresco gulls, especially the second photo and I too hope to learn more and see more of England and other countries via Carmi's thematic project! Thanks.

Carmi Levy said...

I'll echo Karen's sentiments: your photos show us a slice of the world we wouldn't otherwise know. You have such a unique way of seeing things, Bob, and I'm glad you've chosen to share the results with us here.

Alexia said...

Like you, I enjoy being "directed" towards a different view of my photos. These are all great for this theme!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Nice pictures, Bob, and I learned something, too.

Gilly said...

Love those gulls! And the viaduct is great - would never have thought of that one!

Max Sartin said...

Great set of pictures. I really like the birds on the old wall and the barrels.

anyjazz said...

Good collection! Love the birds especially.