Thursday, 24 May 2012

Far from home - Thematic Photography

Carmi could not have picked a more appropriate topic for me; when he posted it we were on our way ti Michigan which is over 3500 miles from home.

This reminded me of a photo I've shared before.

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It might not have been a night flight and the coasts involved were England/Netherlands/USA but yes Bob was 'creamed crackered' when we arrived.

I haven't had the chance so far to get my camera out this trip but I do have some shots from other spots 'far from home', 

Extinct volcano - Lanzarote
I never had the chance to take photos in many places I've been - examples are Mexico and Saudi Arabia. The 31 hours it took on one occasion to get back home from Mexico would definitely have been classed as a 'red eye' trip.

Much nearer home in 2003 I was lucky enough to spend some time in Monaco.

Monte Carlo - la piscine
I'm sorry to disappoint you but the yacht was not mine. This will be the place to be this weekend for the F1 Grand Prix.

I couldn't even lay claim to any of these.

More Monte Carlo yachts - more modest this time
It may seem strange to have a palm tree  in a central spot, but I wanted to include the cliff on the left. On the top of this sits:

The Palace of  Monaco (by Berthold Werner)

In those days I didn't have a camera to get such a wide field of view. This was the shot I took:

The Palace of  Monaco
But today I'm still far from home and Cody is waiting for me to play.

Patient Cody
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Filip and Kristel said...

Cody is relaxing, he looks very cute.


photowannabe said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.
It seems you lead an interesting life. I must take some time to look through your posts.
I will definitely be back.

Karen S. said...

Monaco, Monte Carlo....all great places to be far from home! But the sweetest is your doggie Cody! I hope you're enjoying Michigan (my old home state) are a bit far from home!

Max Sartin said...

I'm sure Cody will be happy when you get home. Hope the views where you are at are as nice as those you showed us, great picts.

Alexia said...

Nice photos. I have some Etna shots somewhere. Monaco looks gorgeous (and expensive). Cody is beautiful!

Jo said...

Long time since I was in Monaco, doesn't seem to have changed much. Poor Cody waiting patiently.

Always wanted to visit Lanzarote, particularly the homes there. Once saw a Times supplement article about the island. Fascinating.

Bob Scotney said...

Just for clarification. Cody is my daughter's dog and is here in Michigan far from my home.

Jolie du Pre said...

Nice photos!

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