Monday, 11 October 2010

North Yorkshire Village Dogs - Pippa

The colour of this 17 month old Cockerpoo is officially apricot. Her muzzle and the ends of her ears, obviously derived from her spaniel lineage, are brown. Pippa has such a gentle touch; it feels like being brushed with a feather when she greets you in the street, unable to contain her excitement of meeting someone she knows. However if you visit Pippa at home you soon find out that her touch is somewhat heavier as she jumps up to welcome you.
Pippa came from a Lincoln breeder at the age of 8 weeks and was chosen for her size, temperament and for the fact that she does not shed any hair. Pippa is a well behaved dog, especially for her age. She walks well on a lead and responses to commands; if her owner stops to talk, Pippa will sit down without being told and waits patiently until it’s time to move on. Her Middlesbrough trainer has obviously done a good job with her and with her owner too, of course.
Full of life at all times, Pippa is just at home on the beach and especially on the moors which she gets to at least once a week. She is not at all afraid of going in the sea. There are no problems giving her a bath or drying her with a hair drier. When she comes in from a walk she will sit on the mat and raise each paw in turn to be wiped, even when she is dry and not dirty at all.
At home Pippa has the run of the house and looks very comfortable curled up in an easy chair; her colour blends in well with the fabric of the chair, so well if fact you might not realise she is there. Although she has a basket and light duvet, Pippa will sleep anywhere including on the bed.
Pippa has a ‘tuggy’ rope and a soft elephant toy, but what she really likes is to play with a tennis ball. She will bring it to you and if you are seated, and not paying attention, she places it between your knees. You are expected to play.
Pippa thinks all dogs should play and chase her; she is in her element when the dogs from another Yorkshire village come to visit. The fun she has in the garden with Poppy, a Westie, and Morse, a black Labrador is hectic. However they will take time out to be photographed on the garden seat.
If you think that Pippa looks a bit tousled you should see her scamper in the snow and how her coat collects little snowballs which dangle from her fur.
For such a friendly dog you may find it strange that she is not keen on being cuddled unless that is there is something she is not sure about.
Pippa’s identity tag, in addition to her name and telephone number in case she’s lost, also contains a request ‘Please scan me.’ This will let people know that Pippa is micro-chipped as well. If you meet her you would understand why you would want to take her home with you. Perhaps it is appropriate that she is fed on dry mix by James Wellbeloved.
When anyone approaches the house called ‘Pippins’ she will be heard to bark and will be seen dashing along the inside of the front bay window. Is it a warning or just her saying that she is ready to play?
No, she’s making sure you know that this Cockerpoo is Lady Pippa of Pippins.
{Last of series to be transferred from the old site - new dogs to follow in future months}

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Kat Mortensen said...

Love this photo of the trio! Morse's tongue is a hoot! Another great shot!