Saturday, 25 June 2016


The village of Kirklevington is holding the annual Kirkfest this week. It started last Saturday with the scarecrow competition. 
There were 17 entrants this year and one in particular was a challenge to photograph. Children were invited to -

Hunt for the Bear
This involved following a winding path across the grass - 

between the trees and past the 'spectators,'

not stopping to pet the 'dog.'

It doesn't bite
Just read the clues on the cards on each post as you go along. Eventually you find - 

The elusive bear
Of course if you were tall enough to see over the hedge you could see the display.

If you cheated you might even have seen - 

The bear

I'll post more of the scarecrows in days to come. You may also pick a favourite to see whether you agree with the winners selected by the judges.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Light Bulbs - Thematic Photography

With so many to chose from at my local garage I could take my pick.

There was even a choice of coffee for those who like the stuff.

In the rest room there was a motion sensor that kept its beady eye on you.

Outside Big Brother is watching you with its own light bulb, on in broad daylight.

Perhaps it wants to make sure you pay the correct price when you fill up.

 Some light bulbs are more discrete.

While others save energy whether on or off.

Perhaps you prefer a different shape and shade.

And yet another in a standard lamp if you wish to read.

I hope these light bulbs help you find your way to others inspired by Carmi's challenge at Thematic-Photographic-374.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Cartoon Characters - Sunday Stamps II

Not quite on theme, but cartoons nevertheless. The Greetings (9th series) of Booklet Stamps were available between 26 February 27 and November 11th 1996.

There were 10 stamps in the series of which I can show you eight. Unfortunately they were heavily franked at  Mount Pleasant Post Office and this has obscured both the cartoon and its message as you will see.

Great Britain
The messages say ' MORE! LOVE!' and 'My day starts before I am ready for it.' Both cartoons are by Mel Calman.

The message on the first stamp reads, 'Dear lottery prize winner.' (by Larry); the middle cartoon is by Mel Calman and the dog by Charles Barsotti.

 The message on the middle stamp (cartoonist - Mel Calman) is, 'THE CHEQUE IS IN THE POST.' 'Sincerely.' is by Charles Barsotti. The bottom cartoon is also one of Mel Calman's.

Can you guess which one I like best?

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

In the metal - Thematic Photography

Another shot from Cornwall's Lost Gardens of Heligan this April has a metallic theme.

Metal churn and  tank
Both have seen better days. The green plant covering the ground next to the tank is 'mind-your-own-business'.

What's in the metal tank and the old churn is just conjecture on my part - I guess not the milk for the churn at least.

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Free Choice - Sunday Stamps

I thought that I would pick a recent issue for the 'free choice' theme this week.

Great Britain - Animail 17 May 2016
These stamps are meant to be fun - on an envelope, each one is to be positioned so that the stamp you use wraps round the edge, bent along the white line which you can see most clearly on the teddy bear.

It seems to me that used stamps from this series will only be collectible if you retain the envelope or if someone ignores the instructions for use.

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Monochrome - Thematic Photography

On a trip to Cornwall in April I had the opportunity to take a number of shots at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. 

Two of these seem ideal for Carmi's monochrome challenge this week.

This tool shed looks much better when seen like this - 

Heligan gardening tools
A photo of a former ruined building really shows its age in monochrome when the wall on which it hangs is cropped off.

A restoration challenge.
I'm hoping that future thematic photographic challenges will enable me to show other shots from our visit to Heligan.

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Canines - Sunday Stamps II

I have one stamp with a wolf and one with a fox but by far the most of my canines are dogs.

Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates has two fine sheets, one for airmail and one for, presumably, ordinary post.

Sharjah - Air Mail, 28 December 1972
Sharjah - 28 December 1972
I have been unable to find any information on the dog breeds but I'm sure that you will recognise some.

For dogs from other countries please follow the links at