Sunday, 17 July 2016

Science - Sunday Stamps II

One thing we have in common, even if it's different in each one of us, is DNA.

Great Britain - Millennium Series, The Scientists' Tale
Mike Curtis is a sculptor whose depictions are shown on this 1999 stamp. Unfortunately these show a spiral and not the DNA double helix. I wonder why the Royal Mail has, so far, not had stamps for Watson and Crick - perhaps they have to be dead first!

USA commemorated a number of its scientists at least three of whom were Nobel Prize winners for their work

USA - 16 June 2011
Watson and Crick have appeared on Swedish stamps if not the British.

In 2006 the Distinguished American series included scientists who developed polio vaccines. One was for Dr Jonas Salk and the other - 

 USA - Dr Albert Sabin, 8 March 2006
I believe it's time British scientists were commemorated too. There have been few so far.

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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Kirklevington Scarecrows

Another selection of entries in June's annual scarecrow competition in the North Yorkshire village of Kirklevington.

Batman had a task to - 

And protect

Red Riding Hood
Others had a windbreak

While Jack climbed 

The Beanstalk

or went to tea with

The Mad Hatter
While someone scared off 

Peter Rabbit
from inviting his friends for tea.

Sounds like a job for

Batman again
There are still more entries to come in the weeks to come before you decide which scarecrow you like best.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Red - Sunday Stamps II

Last year I was given an old album printed in 1962. It contained a stamp from 1960 commemorating the 50th anniversary of an  aeroplane's first flight.

Romania - 17 June 1960
This was the anniversary of the first flight of the plane built by Romanian engineer Aurel Vlaicu. He built four planes before he was killed in 1913 attempting to be the first to fly across the Carpathian Mountains.

I guess millions of planes have flown over the white cliffs of Dover, although as a young boy in wartime I associated them with bluebirds and did not expect to see them feature on a red postage stamp.

Great Britain - 3 May 1951
That was the year, as a schoolboy, I went to London to see the Festival of Britain on the South Bank of the Thames.

Great Britain - 3 May 1951
I've always been surprised that neither the Dome of Discovery nor the Skylon from the Festival have ever appeared on stamps.

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Friday, 8 July 2016

Signs - Thematic Photography

Last week's theme was 'Time'; perhaps this week it should be signs of the times. 

These appear in many more unexpected places
This one is past it's sell-by date.

Shillings ceased to be legal tender in 1971, but I'm sure you get the message.

For dog walkers every where - 

Even if it's summer let's hope the callers get the message.

If you could only keep them off your phone.

Don't be too harsh in your judgement if people forget your wedding.

And if it's you that abandoned this caravan in a local lay-by.

Someone is after you!
Do not leave your car at these times, cos they will be after you again.

You do not need to pass this way - 

Rather follow in this direction - 

On a Tuesday or Thursday evening.

I wonder whether they have Wi-fi there.

And the price has gone up again!

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Kirklevington Scarecrows III

Here is another batch of scarecrows entered in the Kirklevington village competition this year.

Scarecrow wedding
Gangsta Grannie
Jane Eyre
And one explained to me in great detail by a young girl, as well as the book.

The Cat in the Hat
Don't forget to check out earlier posts and those that follow to see whether your favourites won prizes.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Paintings - Sunday Stamps II

This has been an interesting theme for me and has sent me on a wide search for details of the painters - as you will see.

Great Britain - 12 August 1968
'Pinkie' by Thomas Lawrence is a depiction of an eleven year old girl named Sarah Barrett Moulton. The portrait hangs in the Huntington Library, San Marino, California.

John Egerton Christmas Piper became an official WWII artist and visited Coventry after the city and its cathedral was raised to the ground. His paintings of churches included the 'Ruins of St Mary le Port, Bristol. The stamp is from the same set as that by Lawrence.

St Mary Le Port 
A set of Ulster 71 paintings included the stamp, 'A Mountain Road.' 

Great Britain - 16 June 1971
All I have been able to discover about the artist, T P Flanagan, was that he became the fourth (I think) President of the Royal Ulster Academy of Arts.

Details of Francis Calcraft Turner, who produced an aquatint of the Liverpool Great National Steeple Chase 1839, were even more difficult to find. The stamp was one of a set of Horse Racing Paintings & the Bicentenary of the Derby issued on 6 June 1979.

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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Time - Thematic Photography

It's possible, well almost, to follow a time line through this post from when I saw Carmi's challenge to the time - you will know when it's up!

Time challenge
Bedside clock

Alarm & radio
Second alarm - just in case.

And lounge clocks just in case you are sleepwalking.

Carriage clock
Sideboard clock
Even the microwave reminds you when it's time to eat.

Zero + 15
This midsummer even Shakespeare would be hard put to find 'a bank whereon the wild


Before I outstay my welcome my phone reminds I need to get ready

One last check on my wrist,

The seconds tick by
and times gone by remind me that - 

1786 - Sundial
'Time is more sacred than gold.'

(Time has not stood still as the sundial show the time it is - in GMT, not the British Summer time shown by all those time machines we use.)

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