Sunday, 29 October 2017

Sunday Stamps II: A-Z - 'M'

I shall be posting on Wordpress also this week as there are continuing problems on Blogger. All  comments on posts since the letter 'D' until 23 October have disappeared into the ether and there are other ongoing errors also.

Last week comments on the Grace Kelly stamp mentioned a map in the background that was difficult to see.

It just so happens that a stamp from Macau in my collection has also maps hard to see - until I enhanced it to post here.

Macau - 7 May 1956
Formerly a Portuguese colony, the 1987 Sino-Portuguese Declaration made Macau one of the special administrative regions of China.

Macau consists of the Macau peninsular and the islands of Taipa and Coloane; the islands are connected by landfill to form Cotal.

The Kelly name also enables me to revert to that famous Australian bushranger (Ned Kelly) and the bush baby shown under 'K". Here's another from Malawi.

Malawi - 3 September 1975

Nyasaland was part of the British Central African Protectorate from 1889 until independence in 1964 when it became Malawi.

For other stamps for 'M' checkout the links at Sunday-stamps-II 150.html


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - sorry you've been having so many problems with the two platforms - let's hope it's easily resolved ... good luck. Love the bush baby ... and Macau must have been so interesting to visit in Portuguese days ... and I'm sure it is now - cheers Hilary

viridian said...

Thanks for sharing. Blogspot in the USA seems to be doing OK.

FinnBadger said...

Two unexpected countries, and two wonderful stamps.

Heleen said...

Indeed two beautiful stamps. I love the tiny maps, and the young animal looks pretty.

Joy said...

Didn't know Macau had islands, nice geography lesson:)

Pat Tillett said...

Very Interesting! Once again, thanks for the information also.