Sunday, 11 June 2017

Thiepval Wood - Sunday Stamps II

Gardens and Forests proved a difficult theme for me. Kew Gardens I had shown before -

I struggled to find a forest, but then remembered Thiepval Wood and the poem by Edmund Blundell describing the devastating effect war can have on man and nature.

"The tired air groans as the heavies swing over, the river-hollows boom;

The shell-fountains leap from the swamps, and with wildfire and fume
The shoulder of the chalkdown convulses.
Then the jabbering echoes stampede in the slatting wood,
Ember-black the gibbet trees like bones or thorns protrude
From the poisonous smoke past all impulses.
To them these silvery dews can never again be dear,
Nor the blue javelin-flame of the thunderous noons strike fear."
September 1916

Great Britain 2016
This stamp was part of the part of a five year commemorative programme marking the centenary of the outbreak of The Great War (WWI). Each year of the great war is to be explores through a stamp which covers six key themes: Poppies, War Art, Memorials and Artefacts.

It seems to fit our garden (of remembrance) and our forest theme at Sunday-Stamps-II-130.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - I hadn't noted these stamps ... but as I gave all my and my mother's stamps to the Hospice I don't need to buy these sets any more ... though they are usually very good and very enlightening - as this particular one does.

Blundell's poem is very evocative ... and I hadn't heard about him ... now I need to find out more ... and Oxford - though it looks like his works are in the Ashmolean.

I need to look at the stamp set too ... cheers and thanks for enlightening us - Hilary

Little Nell said...

Perfect. I’ve been to Thiepval and the Blunden poem is just right for the post.

Eva A. said...

I have never seen the Kew Gardens stamps in person (nor the gardens!), but they seem beautiful to me. The second stamps is perfect for the theme!

Maria said...

I don't recall seeing these Kew Gardens stamp before so happy to see them here :D

FinnBadger said...

When I first saw the Kew Gardens stamps I was underwhelmed, but they've grown on me since then.

The WWI centennial stamp is stunning - and haunting. I think Royal Mail has done an excellent job with the series so far.

Jo said...

Recently watched a BBC series called Kew on a Plate. Never did go there although I lived very close by for several years.

I love the war stamp.

Joy said...

The calm of the misty view is poignant as we look back to those terrible years. I like the Kew garden stamps, one day I might even make it to see the actual gardens.

violet s said...

Kew on a Plate is on here. I regret that I've never been there.
The poem and Theipval stamp are perfect together.

Pat Tillett said...

The first group is colorful, fun, and whimsical. Nice to see that.
The second stamp is gorgeous!