Sunday, 7 May 2017

Places of Worship - Sunday Stamps II

There are two cathedrals among my Mexican stamps.

Puebla Cathedral - Mexico (1950)
The construction of this Roman Catholic cathedral began in 1575; it was consecrated in April 1649 but was not completed until 1690.

The airmail stamp showing Guerrero Cathedral was issued in 1963. So far I have been unable to locate more information about the building itself. However it does, like the Puebla stamp, depict colonial architecture.

Guerrero Cathedral (on the skyline)
For other places of worship from around the world please visit the links on Sunday-Stamps-II-125.


Maria said...

The architecture on the first stamp somehow looks similar to the old & grand Spanish colonial churches that we have in the Philippines.

FinnBadger said...

Great stamps. I'm actually drawn more to the typography than the image.

violet s said...

Like FinnBadger, i was also drawn to the different typographies on the stamps.
We have all found such old churches this time around!

Jo said...

You really own quite a lot of varied stamps from all round the world.

DeeDee said...

Wow thats beautiful

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Joy said...

I haven't seen many Mexican stamps, the typography in conjunction with the image is indeed interesting.

Pat Tillett said...

Just the fact that it survived at least util 1950 is amazing enough. Have some information makes it even better. Thanks!