Sunday, 5 March 2017

Roosters or Chickens - Sunday Stamps II

I have something to crow about today thanks to my time in Norway. 

While I was there the Union of Bee and Poultry Keepers celebrated its 100th anniversary; a magnificent rooster appeared on a commemorative stamp.

Norway - 14 November 1984
Without this stamp I would not been able to show anything new this week for Sunday-Stamps-II-116.


Maria said...

Nice introduction for this post! I chuckled when I read it. ;-)

FinnBadger said...

Wonderful stamps. And what an interesting Union!

Heleen said...

A wonderful stamp!

violet s said...

That seems an odd combination - bees and poultry!
I think I shall work on my balance by standing like this.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - it's a good thing you spent a fair amount of time in Norway - so have access to your stamps from your time there, or collections thereafter ... fun stamp. Interesting about the Union of Bee and Poultry Keepers - 100 years = not bad! Cheers Hilary

Jo said...

I'm amazed that it's the only one you have Bob. I would have thought chickens in one form or another would appear all over.