Sunday, 3 April 2016

Mountains - Sunday Stamps II

The mountains theme enables me to show one of my favourite stamps from the USA.

USA - 21 June 1955
The Franconia Notch, the great stone face of the Old Man of the Mountain was a tourist attraction in the White Mountains in the northern part of the Appalachians. The Old Man became the New Hampshire state emblem and appeared on coins as well as on this stamp.

Unfortunately it collapsed in 2003; attempts to restore it have since been abandoned.

1967 saw the centenary of the establishment of Canada. The US commemorated the event with this stamp.

USA - 25 May 1967
The Centennial Issue series by Canada contained 7 stamps, including this one - 

Canada - 2 February 1967
The National Gallery of Canada has the painting on which the stamp is based and is worth a look - Greenland Mountains - Lawren S Harris

The Kluane National Park in the south-west corner of the Yukon contains Mt Logan, Canada's highest peak.

Canada - 27 April 1979

I do not know whether Mt Logan is on this stamp.

To climb more mountains you should visit the links at Sunday-Stamps-II-68.


Ana said...

Haven't seen any of these so far...nice collection of older stamps.

Joy said...

I've seen a film showing the Old Man of the Mountain (now I'm trying to remember its context), didn't know it had collapsed. The Harris stamp is one of my favourites.

VioletSky said...

Oh my, we almost posted exactly thew same stamps today!! I stopped with just the Old Man one (I don't particularly like the Canadian ones, though Harris' painting is much nicer than the stamp.)

Heleen said...

Such a variety of designs! Love to see them!

Eva A. said...

Me too, I didn't know it had collapsed. I understand this is one of your favourite stamps.