Sunday, 7 February 2016

Illustrations - Sunday Stamps II

Charles Dickens was born today in 1812. Three years ago I posted a set of stamps which commemorated the centenary of his death in 1870.

Here they are again.

Great Britain
If you know your Dickens you will recognise the books from the illustrations.

  • Mr Pickwick and Sam by Hablot Knight Brown (aka Phiz). The stamp shows part of the illustration of Mr Pickwick and Sam Weller in the attorney's office. (Novel - The Pickwick Papers)
  • Mr & Mrs Micawber, again by Phiz, part of an illustration entitled 'Micawbers reunited'. (Novel - David Copperfield)
  • David Copperfield and Betsy Trotwood (Phiz)
  • Oliver Twist by George Cruikshank in the illustration 'Oliver asks for more'.

As my daughter is an attorney in the States I decided I should include a Law and Order stamp.

United States - 1968
I thought immediately that this had to be an illustration by Norman Rockwell as it was so similar to a stamp shown before by another participant in Sunday Stamps.

USA - 1963
Norman Rockwell left school at 15. He served in WWI and by the 1920s was a leading Post cover illustrator. He is probably best known for his 300+ covers for the Saturday Evening Post depicting people doing common things. His 1943 Four Freedoms paintings have also appeared on US stamps.

However the Law and Order stamp was not Rockwell but by Edward Vebell, a fencer and illustrator. He had a long run as Readers Digest's most popular illustrator.

In 2010 the Norman Rockwell Museum put on an exhibition of Vebell's work so there is a link between the two.

For other illustrations/illustrators just visit the links at Sunday-Stamps-II-60.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - the Dickens stamps I hadn't seen - but you're right today is his birthday ... and we have a birthday too - so off to a roast pheasant lunch! The Rockwell and Vebell connection is interesting ..the stamp illustrators certainly do sterling work in letting us know snippets of history .. cheers Hilary

Ana said...

wow! more book-related stamps! I love it! Cant brag I've read all of his works, but from the ones I have, David Copperfield, Great Expectations and Oliver Twist are like my favourites (more or less predictable I guess :))..oh and I like his Christmas stories too :)

Heleen said...

Beautiful! All of them!

FinnBadger said...

You know I love it when you post stamps that are denominated in 'old money'. The Dickens set is outstanding. I've also never seen that Law and Order stamp before - I wonder what sort of reaction there would be if that was issued today.

Eva A. said...

I like how you linked the theme to these stamps. The illustrations are wonderful.

Joy said...

A great way to celebrate Dickens birthday. The choice of colouring does strike me as odd but of course the illustrations themselves are superb.

Little Nell said...

I thought you might commemorate the great man’s birthday! Wonderful stamps.

aw said...

I remember those stamps, Bob, and the illustrations. It was seiing the illustrations by Phiz that made em try reading the books as all the characters looked so individual.

Jo said...

Interesting stamps I had a hard time figuring out the pictures though with the postage marking. Always loved Norman Rockwell.

Did you realise Saturday was the anniversary of the death of George VI?

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...


VioletSky said...

I've just looked up Vebell - what a fascinating life this man had (has, he's still alive, at 94!) His illustration style looked familiar and now I know why.