Sunday, 12 January 2014

Auto Legends:The Workhorses - Sunday Stamps

Last year I posted the set of British Auto Legends which showed 6 famous cars. Accompanying the set was this sheet depicting the 'workhorses' of the times.

British Auto Legends: The Workhorses
From left to right:

  • Morris Minor Van used by the Post Office
  • An Austin Taxi Cab
  • Ford Anglia Police Car
  • Land Rover Defender used by HM Coastguard.
These first class stamps were issued on 13 August 2013. I have never seen one used in anger on an envelope.

To see what others have chosen this week just cross over to Viridian's Sunday-stamps-153.


Lisa B said...

I visited several post offices to try and buy these to no avail, so ended up ordering them on line. I think these are great and do plan to use them on mail at some time . . . although it won't be in anger :)

Maria Kristina Maano said...

That red Morris Minor van used by the post office looks really cool, Bob! :) Thanks for sharing this sheet!

Joy said...

I liked this sheet and actually preferred it to the the 'main' stamp issue. I suspect the only one that would be used on envelopes would be the self adhesive royal mail van from the stamps books but sadly even that didn't make an appearance through my letterbox.

Jo said...

I remember the taxi and the police car. I don't remember the bright red postal van nor the Landrover defender. Interesting set of stamps.

Ana said...

such cool stamps! love the Austin one most! so nice and classy!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I really wish they had issued these for more general use other than just on a mini sheet. The Post Office Morris Minor van is a Europa stamp for the theme postal vehicles. Lots of people collect them and I'd have loved to have been able to use them.

Postcardy said...

Now I know what a Defender is.

viridian said...

They have stopped making the Austin taxi cab? Ack! Love the set of stamps however. thank you for participating.

luvlinens said...

Love Classic Autos. Those top speeds are frightening.