Saturday, 13 November 2010

Amy on Sepia Saturday

I have just been looking at the The Daily Postcard blog and a post entitled 'To Amy from Paris.' This led me to hosted by Alan Burnett which invites you to post  any sepia photo you may wish to share.

Why have I added a picture? Well let me introduce you to Amy, my mother-in-law when she was young. I won't tell you her full name but  her family's name was Garside.

This photo is from the early 1900s. A beautiful picture of a girl who became a lovely woman remember by all who knew her.


Christine H. said...

Bob, I'm so glad you were able to come up with this lovely photo on short notice. I am captivated by Amy's hair; it looks so soft and silky.

Anyway,I've always thought it would fun to do a bunch of connected (segueway) blogposts with a group of bloggers, sort of like what you did here. You pick up on the name, Amy, and maybe the next person takes off with something to do with his mother-in-law in Ohio, and then the next person does a post on Ohio.

Nancy said...

Your Amy is beautiful. She has such a confident, peaceful, serene look about her. Welcome to Sepia Saturday.

Bob Scotney said...

Thank you Christine and Nancy for your comments.

Mattias Kroon said...

Old pictures are important.Never forget where you come from:)

Anonymous said...

Very nice picture Bob.
I'll have to look though my old family photographs and visit Sepia Saturday.
Thanks for the link.

MuseSwings said...

She is very lovely - and what a beautiful dress! It looks hand crocheted around the neckline.

Marilyn said...

She is very beautiful and how wonderful that you can says such lovely things about your mother-in-law,there are so many that can't.

Bob Scotney said...

Thank you Mattias, Paul, MuseSwings and Marilyn. Mattias and Paul I know well.
MuseSwings your list of blogs you follow led me to Birds of Michigan - coincidence maybe but my daughter, Amy's granddaughter lives there. Mariyln - I'm glad I checked your profile. I know another Marilyn who lives in Yorkshire too - I was about to send her a message until I checked.
Welcome all, I hope you come back.